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Extended features for enhanced synchronisation and monitoring

Top to tail clock sync

Timing systems shouldn't just stop with accuracy and synchronisation, monitoring, reporting, alerting and visualisation are key to a useful timing platform

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Key features

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Hardware timestamping

Physical clocks on NICS synchronised

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Backup clocks

Dynamic backup clock selection for ultimate redundancy

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Extended dashboards

Detailed Dashboards for greater analytics and monitoring

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Algorithm configuration

Customise the timing algorithm to suit you

latency analytics

Truely understand your synchronisation system

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Step & Slew Limits

secure your clock steering with configurable limits

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PTP tuning

enhance your ptp transaction rate to suit your needs

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24/7 Support

Support available around the clock!

Enterprise Features

Feature Description
Reports and Enhanced Dashboards Multiple dashboards available as JSON files for importing into Grafana. From high level estate views to detailed drill downs to single servers, example alerts and report formats which can be used as is or customised to suit your needs. Export reports in PDF or CSV format.
Hardware timestamping Timebeat synchronises the system clock but with Hardware timestamping you can synchronise the physical clock on your network card creating greater stability and accuracy at a network level. Timebeat uniquely manages master NIC clocks and slaves when in a stand alone interface, bonded or teamed making sure you have the perfect configuration for your needs.
Backup time sources Dynamic ability to nominate redundant or backup sources of UTC in the event of Primary UTC sources going offline. This can be via NTP or PTP (local or online) making sure you have a source of UTC at all times.
Advanced clock sync algorithm The Timebeat algorithm can be configured from the config file so that you can tweak or modify to the effect that suits your infrastructure. The default algorithm produces the ideal balance between long term stability and effectiveness, this however may not be your goal and as such you can modify away without having to build your own PTP stack.
Advanced outlier filters -
Customisable step limits and slew boundaries There may be circumstances you want to restrict Timebeat's default configuration of step limits and slew boundaries. This may be for a specific use case such as to never step backwards in time but only slew, or maybe you just want greater control, now you can. Be in control of how Timebeat synchronises your system.
Support Round the clock support. We understand how important timing systems can be, we have online ticket systems, email support and phone support for all of our enterprise customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Timebeat enterprise for compliance

Extended features for an enhanced experience, Timebeat enterprise provides that needed extra to enable a top to bottom timing system suitable for regulations such as MiFID and FINRA. From detailed dashboards for drill downs during timing events or hardware timestamps for that extra level of synchronisation.

Custom step and slew limits protect your systems from altering time in either direction by radical amounts in the event of spoofing or GMC failure, making sure you keep a succinct record of timestamps in linear form. Backup clock features provide that layer of redundancy for when primary timing sources go offline or askew, whether set to an online NTP pool or redundant time server on site you will never be without a source of UTC again.

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    The simple solution for first class synchronisation

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Investigate the multiple dashboards, test your skills with dashboard creation or just understand what metrics you will obtain. Our online demo environment provides you with access to all the available features and allows you to understand how the platform will fit into your organisation without the need to deploy or configure.

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