Timebeat - G0kK-1 series

The G0kK-1 series

Precise timing doesn't require a premium price tag! Everything you expect from a GMC without the complexities.


Never before seen distribution capabilities

Every model in the G0kK-1 Series comes with all the capabilities of Timebeat Enterprise. With Timebeat technology every G0kK-1 can become a PTP+Squared root node providing nanosecond synchronisation which is verifiable in real time.

The G0kK-1 series at a glance:

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    Huge unicast PTP capacity (>40,000)

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    Multi-constellation GNSS and OCXO options

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    Full GNSS tracking system and detailed monitoring metrics

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    6 network ports with either 1G or 100Gbps

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    PTP distribution configuration at runtime, never wait to make changes to your sync network again

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    Quick and easy to install

G0kK-1 Series specs

Our most cost-effective device, our flagship model is suitable for all deployments

G0kK-1: The perfect PTP+Squared root node

PTP+Squared is a powerful distribution model which re-imagines how PTP flows through a network. Traditionally PTP is distributed using BMCA (best master clock algorithm) but we believe this to be flawed. PTP+Squared utilises an intelligent mesh model which not only increases synchronisation performance but also provides some key benefits.

Every node dynamically discovers and configures itself to receive time from the best sources in the mesh. Once a node enters the mesh it then obtains the ability to distribute to the mesh as a source. Mesh distribution occurs with near lossless capability making it a seamless scaling mechanism for synchronisation distribution. Due to this mesh system there are some cool things that follow as a result:

  • bulletpoint As time is propagated from node to node the root distance is increased for every hop (think of root distance as cumulative error, or total time budget)
  • bulletpoint The cumulative error of the source is used to determine the hop cost
  • bulletpoint Hop cost is a key determinate of source value (should i sync to this source or an alternative)
  • bulletpoint Additionally static hop costs can be added (for example if you know there is a fixed error)
  • bulletpoint This approach ensures that we form a directed acyclic graph #LoopFree

So what can the G0kK-1 series do?

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  • bulletpoint Every G0kK-1 operates as a PTP/PPS Grandmaster or Boundary Clock.
  • bulletpoint Multiple PTP profiles supported, Multicast, unicast and hybrid modes supported (with a huge Unicast capability never seen before).
  • bulletpoint PTP+Squared root node distribution (have a GMC already, no problem, no need to replace just place the G0kK-1 inline as a distribution layer).
  • bulletpoint UTC verification, monitor and evaluate multiple source inputs and end points to verify your UTC.
Timebeat Free


  • bulletpoint Deploy as a stand alone system or as a distribution layer to your current installation.
  • bulletpoint Multiple build options makes the G0kK-1 Series fit for any environment from datacentre to base station.
  • bulletpoint Linux operating system, this means it can do anything your linux devices can (seamlessly slotting into your current infrastructure)
  • bulletpoint Deploy anywhere and everywhere. The G0kK-1 and G0kK-1 mini cost less than an annual adobe photoshop subscription!
Timebeat Free

The Specs

  • bulletpoint >40,000 unicast sessions making it the lowest PTP Unicast to power available.
  • bulletpoint GNSS, PTP, PPS, NMEA, NTP, PHC device UTC source inputs. PPS & PTP UTC source outputs.
  • bulletpoint Multi-constellation GNSS capabilities, Galileo, GPS, Beidou, Glonass and more
  • bulletpoint Timebeat Enterprise software as standard
  • bulletpoint Up to 5 network ports with 1Gbps or 4x1Gbps & 2x100Gbps.

The complete sync solution with next gen mesh distribution AI/ML

PTP+Squared is a dynamic, automated, synchronisation mesh that reacts to your network environment in real time using AI/ML to ensure your devices always obtain the best source of UTC possible even when your network changes.