Timebeat - Pricing Guide

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From enhanced functionality to a complete managed solution, there is a plan to suit all needs. Timebeat has flexible models to support every business with their synchronisation needs.


Timebeat Free

Timebeat FREE


Nada, Zero, your money is no good here

  • Windows OS support
  • Linux OS support
  • PTPv2
  • NTPv4
  • Kibana dashboard
  • Community based support
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Timebeat Enterprise

Available at

£14.99 / month / server

  • Hardware timestamping
  • Backup time sources
  • Advanced clock sync algorithm (inc. PPS)
  • Advanced outlier filters
  • Customisable step limits & slew boundaries
  • Full Support 24/7
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Timebeat Cloud

Available at

£17.99 / month / server

  • Managed elastic database
  • Managed Grafana front-end
  • Enhanced Grafana dashboards
  • PDF & CSV generated reports
  • All Timebeat Enterprise features
  • Full managed service support 24/7
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