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Timebeat vGMC

The first automated, segregated & secure, multi-tenancy time distribution system of it's kind

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Per customer or global monitoring dashboards for SLA reporting and internal monitoring

Automate, simplify, secure! vGMC technology provides seamless PTP distribution

Go beyond basic PTP distribution with the first multi-tenancy distribution system, fully customisable at runtime.

vGMC enables TaaS providers to seamlessly connect new clients, large organisations to segregate their timing infrastructure. It's time to start running your timing systems the way you want to without downside or detriment to performance.

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    Distribution templates enable single command set up. Different environments have different timing requirements, whether that is running Unicast, multicast, or even just to comply with a particular PTP profile in a subset of devices. PTP templates make this a click away.

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    Smart vLAN and VRF provisioning provides a best in class service when setting up and maintaining client PTP feeds. Separate your PTP distribution with secure environments. Some installations have default values such as PTP domain, now you can use the same PTP domain without any data bleed across PTP feeds. Each configuration is wholly separate to the next and data bleed is impossible.

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    vGMC can operate on any linux server or as standard with any of the G0kK-1 series devices. vGMC technology can operate inline with your current GMC as your reliable distribution system ensuring your grandmaster is always performing optimally and doesn't complicate the distribution configuration. Whether with a G0kK-1 or server vGMC enables a flexible set up.

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Why vGMC

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    Automated PTP deployment with only 1 command at runtime, from templates or customised.

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    Full management dashboards for you and your customers to visualise and evidence SLA's

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    PTP+Squared for 24/7 verifiable UTC

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    Multi-tenancy capability for huge cost savings and operational efficiency

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    Single pane of glass monitoring and reports.

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    Streamline your processes with simple on-demand configuration

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Full GNSS summary and monitoring statistics at every vGMC

Who should deploy vGMC?

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TaaS Providers

  • bulletpoint Automated configuration for one click deployment on demand.
  • bulletpoint Fully segregated PTP distribution feeds removing any networking issues or workarounds you may have (such as IP overlap)
  • bulletpoint PTP templates can make provisioning standardised or completely custom on a per client/feed basis.
  • bulletpoint UTC verification, monitor and evaluate multiple source inputs and end points to verify your UTC.
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Large enterprises

  • bulletpoint With simple configuration options you can easily separate your timing networks and capabilities for different areas of the business.
  • bulletpoint Dashboard monitoring to track usage and configuration, ideal for large infrastructures.
  • bulletpoint Multiple inputs available from PTP, NTP, GNSS, NMEA and PHC_Device so it can fit seamlessly into your current technology stack.
  • bulletpoint Can operate as a PTP+Squared root node delivery system for customising distribution trees even further.
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Test/Dev labs

  • bulletpoint Simple, quick and reliable. Perfect for rapid development or testing environments.
  • bulletpoint Runtime configuration changes makes for efficient testing without disrupting the environment.
  • bulletpoint Multiple feeds in parallel to allow large scale tests or even tests that require multiple sources or network routes.
  • bulletpoint Operates on standard linux servers so no costly or difficult to obtain hardware required to get started.

Commoditising PTP time feed distribution

vGMC technology enables any PTP feed provider to quickly and effectively provision clients, without the lead time or operational challenges experienced to date. vGMC enables PTP feed provision and amendments at run time increasing supportability for multiple clients serviced from 1 device. Through templated configurations you can instantly deploy new clients with just one command.

The G0kK-1 Series is specifically designed to operate best in class vGMC functionality, not only can it increases PTP sessions to over 40,000 per device but also intuitively sets up a multi-tenancy environment secure from IP and PTP domain cross over. This separation ensures every client connected gets a seamless service and also ensures you have access to management information for upholding SLA's.

The vGMC is a game changer for any TaaS provider or large enterprise, it scales incredibly, provides real-time onboarding, as well as takes full advantage of our PTP+Squared system to enable a full timing grid.